Posted by: Aqua Vista | June 17, 2009

80% of California State Parks may be closed?!!!

When I heard of this today, It felt like I was kicked in the gut.  Certainly Arnold and the legislature couldn’t possibly have mismanaged things this badly.  Could they?   What happened?  Did they invest all of the state revenue in the stock market?  Were they one of the Madoff clients that haven’t been mentioned?  Did Arnold take his 15 billion dollar “let’s pay for all of Enron’s sins” bond to Vegas and put it all on black?  I find it hard to believe that after a decade of nothing but budget cuts, added taxes, fees, fines and a real estate market that tripled in value, that we are worse off than we were back then.  Even after discounting the fact that real estate has recently retracted 30%, it just doesn’t add up.  Where did the money go?  It sure didn’t go into our roads or schools.    I don’t even want to think about what this might mean to hikers and campers in this state.  The state of California needs to be audited.


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